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I’m studying MEng/BEng Mechatronics at the University of Leeds, currently on my placement year at Trayport, working on Data Analytics.

A brief rundown of things I have done, mostly for context:

  • Junior developer at Trayport working on Data Analytics
  • President of the University of Leeds Electronic and Electrical Engineering society, ShockSoc and one of the key creators of Robot Fighting League
  • Computer Science Intern at Cambridge Consultants, worked on automated drone delivery, smart recycling bins using machine learning and autonomous orchard mapping robots,
  • L1 Course rep Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Coach of the first ever Hungarian First Lego League team to make it to Global Finals in St. Louis
  • Assistant teacher of my high school’s robotics society

I have a fascination of Machine Learning, IoT, Self-Driving, and anything Robotics related.

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