A bit of history

I love games. I’ve loved games ever since I’ve got my dads old crappy almost dead laptop. So when I realised, that I can learn how to develop games, I didn’t hesitate for a second. At this point, I’ve been programming for about a year or so however mostly LEGO robots, and little things in ComputerCraft (a Minecraft mod). Starting to learn how to develop games, was my second falling in love with programming, (the first was, when I started programming LEGO robots). I’ve started learning Unity. It seemed simple enough, and it was using C#, which I had some experience in at that point. It was a great decision.


I developed games, for about 3 years. During this time, I used the developer name RedCubeGames (it wasn’t a real company, I did no paperwork, I just like calling it a company). Above you can see the new fantastic looking logo, made by my friend Adam (usually found on the internet as thefreeman42), who I’ve worked on multiple games. Below is the old logo I made. Although it’s obvious, the the new one, is far superior, I still feel attached to the old one, so I felt the need to have it here.

All together I made 4 games worth talking about. These doesn’t include some of the apps I made, some of the little things for my school (like a Brown diffusion particle simulator, or a holographic and VR molecule viewer) and the games that were so awful, it doesn’t even worth dissecting what went wrong. I have learned a lot from them, but I’d rather forget about them now. I’m not saying that the ones that are here are perfect, far from it. I feel, I can say that I’ve made a few alright games, and a couple good ones. None of them were groundbreaking, or brilliant, but I’m proud of them, despite their flaws.